TUFNOL Since 1980

Today, developments of radically new synthetic resin materials depend largely on major new advances in resin technology and on commercial availability. Such advances are quite rare and they are really beyond the scope of any but the largest multi-national companies. The many new materials introduced by TUFNOL since this time have been developments and improvements within the range, as well as special materials developed for specific purposes, or for bespoke customer projects.

The TUFNOL range of materials has left an indelible stamp on the evolution of engineering design and technology over the last 80 years. The importance of their properties has ensured their acceptance in a multitude of demanding applications. For many engineers and designers, TUFNOL laminates provided their first encounter with modern, high performance fibre-reinforced plastics, but the range of materials available today has progressed far beyond the original 'brown stuff' many engineers remember.

TUFNOL's focus on quality and performance helped to build confidence in non-metallic materials and contributed significantly to the wonderful achievements in engineering and technology from which the world benefits today.